Tầm nhìn và sứ mệnh

Thế giới đang thay đổi từng ngày. Quy trình sản xuất trong nhà máy cần phải bắt kịp với các xu hướng mới trong sản xuất và các công nghệ mới. Tại TIA, chúng tôi giúp bạn xây dựng một nhà máy hiệu quả và tin cậy.

We accept and encourage informed risk taking.

  • Nurtures risk taking in the workplace.
  • Recognizes failures associated with reasonable risk taking should not be punished but used as an opportunity for improvement to the underlying processes.
  • Demonstrates the courage to speak freely and challenges the status quo to stimulate change and make decisions to move us forward.
  • Challenges prescribed methods and procedures to better serve the customer.
  • Recognizes the real risk to business success lies in not challenging and improving processes.
  • Offers recognition for informed risk taking.

Liên tục phát triển

We recognize everything we do as a process that can be eliminated, simplified or improved.

  • Asks "How can it be improved?" rather than "Does it need to be improved?"
  • Recognizes the value of change for improvement.
  • Focuses on problem prevention rather than problem resolution.
  • Evaluates changing technology and optimizes its use.
  • Recognizes redundancy and waste must be eliminated.
  • Eliminates unneeded processes (practices/systems) without concern for impact on specific job assignments.
  • Accepts self-development as a process that needs continuous improvement.
  • Recognizes processes as the key to performance improvement.
  • Makes decisions based on need or opportunity, not precedent. 

Cam kết

We deliver what we promise to each other and to our clients.

  • Recognizes action rather than rhetoric as the true measurement of commitment.
  • Promises only what can be delivered.
  • Demonstrates personal commitment to continued learning and upgrading of skills.
  • Communicates the impact of change to base assumptions used to make commitments.
  • Accepts obligation to continuous improvement.  

Thỏa mãn khách hàng 

We delight our clients by exceeding their expectations.

  • Listens to clients.
  • Actively solicits input from clients for important decisions.  Always assumes the client has something to contribute.
  • Always asks, "How can I better serve the client?"
  • Responds with urgency to clients' feedback, including both complaints and suggestions.
  • Delights the client with quality and service that exceeds competition.  Increases client loyalty to our services by always going the extra mile.
  • Effectively represents the interests of the client.